bad teeth habits to avoid

12 Bad habits for our teeth

Our teeth are a very sensitive area of our body and we need to protect them if we want to have a good oral hygiene. There are many things which can affect our teeth health but there are a few which we can easily avoid if we try. Below are 12 bad habits for our teeth which anyone can avoid and save his oral health before is too late.

Bad teeth habit number 1: Smoking

Smoking can produce yellow and brown stains to your teeth and also can produce gum disease. In general, smoking is a big enemy for your teeth and is very often the cause of mouth cancers.

Bad teeth habit number 2: Crunching or Sipping

Crunching can do a lot of damage to your teeth and your should always avoid crunching things like popcorn, ice cubes or even the pits from fruits which can harm your teeth by affecting the enamel.

Do you like soda? Even if the answer is yes, you should know that your teeth don’t like soda and other liquids with a lot of acid. Some of us are sipping soda all the day and this makes our teeth to be exposed to the acid which can lead to tooth decay and also the sugar can produce cavities. The effect of the soda can be attenuated by using a straw and in the same time by not keeping the soda in your mouth.

Bad teeth habit number 3: Milk before sleep for kids

If your kid drinks a bootle of milk before sleep and he doesn’t brush his teeth after, his teeth can be affected by decay.

Bad teeth habit number 4: Using Teeth as Tools

How many times did you need something to open a bottle or anything else and you used your teeth? There people doing this and this can make your teeth to chip of or even fracture.

Bad teeth habit number 5: Brushing too hard

Brushing your teeth too hard can do a lot of damage to your teeth enamel and also can irritate your gums. Try to brush your teeth more gentle.

Bad teeth habit number 6: Using a Hard-Bristled Toothbrush

Brushing our teeth is good for our oral health but this still needs to be done corectly and there are people who are using hard-bristled troothbrushes which in the end can increase our teeth and gums sensitiveness.

Bad teeth habit number 7: Not Brushing or Flossing Properly

All the dentists are speaking about brushing at least 2 times a day and for 2 minutes each time. This is what we should do because is the  best way to have a good oral health. Also another thing we should do is to change our electric toothbrush head or manual toothbrush at each 3-4 months.

Also the not flossing your teeth can be another problem for your teeth. Make sure you floss properly every day and even ask your dentist about how to floss properly if you don’t know how.

Bad teeth habit number 8: Drinking Fruit Juice

We all know that vitamin C from these juices has does a lot of benefits for our body but not for our teeth if they contain a lot of sugar. Make sure you drink only sugarfree liquids.

Bad teeth habit number 9: Eating an entire meal or eating snaks all the day?

Eating an entire good meal will always produce a lot of salive which cleans your teeth and we can say is like a car wash.

Eating snaks all the day will produce less saliva and if they also contain sugar it will affect our teeth even more than that.

Bad teeth habit number 10: Do you love candies?

We all love candies and if the candy is also gummy is even better….for us but not for our teeth. Gummy candies can let a lot of sugar between our teeth which will encourage the apparition of plague. The best thing is to brush your teeth and the floss after your eat a gummy candy.

Bad teeth habit number 11: Grinding Your Teeth

In case you don’t know there are already mouth gurads in case you are grinding your teeth in sleep. People are grinding their teeth from different reasons even during the day (some of them because of the strass or because they are nervous) but this can affect our theeth on the long term. Another good treatment is hypnosis.

Bad teeth habit number 12: Baiting your nails

This is a very common habit and is produced by stress. By biting our nails we risk to introduce all the bacteria from under our nails into our mouth. Consider this as a bad thing for our teeth.

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