Fairywill pearl white electric toothbrush

Fairywill Pearl White electric toothbrush review

A few days ago we made a review for Fairywill Sonic Crystal Black which is the latest electric toothbrush (at the moment we write this review) from Fairywill.

Now we want to speak about another good electric toothbrush named Fairywill Pearl White which is already appreciated by many customers.

Fairywill Pearl White is using the sonic vibration technology and has 35,000 strokes per minute provided while using one of the 3 cleaning modes available.

In general the Fairywill Pearl White package should include the following:

    package may vary

  • 1 Pearl White Electric Toothbrush Handle
  • 3 Replacement Heads
  • 1 Protective Bristle Cover
  • 1 Charging base
  • 1 Instruction Manual

But lets speak more about Fairywill Pearl White in the following section: (click ahead!)

Toothbrush features
Customer Reviews
Pro & Cons

Fairywill Pearl White features

Brush head

This electric toothbrush comes with the Pearl White brush head but is also compatible with the following heads from Fairywill:

Inter-dental brush heads HERE.
Crystal Black replacement heads HERE.
White replacement heads HERE.
Hard Bristles replacement heads HERE.

Cleaning Modes

You have 3 cleaning modes at your disposal. The Clean mode is for regular daily use of the toothbrush, the Soft mode is in case you have sensitive gums and teeth and the Massage mode is used especially for gum care and it known to improve the gums health in 2-3 weeks.

The cleaning mode is chosen before you start brushing and there is a LED icon which indicates the selected mode.

Using the available cleaning modes within Fairywill Pearl White it is said that you can get healthier teeth in just 7 days and also improve your gums health in around 2 weeks. Also same as many other electric toothbrushes this product removes up to 100% more plaque and stains than any manual toothbrush (but I guess this is already a known fact).


Fairywill Pearl White has two timers which are great in case you want to improve your brushing habits. Both these timers are features used by most of the electric toothbrushes because they really help you to brush properly.

The 30 second timer tells you when you change the brushed area and the 2 minutes smart timer lets you know when you can finish the brushing process. Actually after 2 minutes the toothbrush will turn off.

Other features of Fairywill Pearl White

Fairywill Pearl White has a slim and extra-lightweight design and is waterproof so you can use it even in the shower. Another good part is that is using an anti-slip handle so indeed is easy to use in the shower.

With this toothbrush you also know when you need to recharge because it has a low battery indicator which lets you know if the battery needs to be recharged.

There is also a bristles protective cover included in the package which protect the bristles of the brush head.


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The Fairywill Pearl White battery can last for up to 30 days which is really great even compared with the most advanced electric toothbrushes like Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart or Oral-B Genius 8000.

The recharge is made using an USB and is compatible with chargers used for phones/tablets.

Being able to use an electric toothbrush for up to 30 days with no need to recharge is a great option and is nice to have such a battery when you go to a trip.

Customer Reviews

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The Fairywill Pearl White can be considered a new entry in this industry but also a big surprise when it comes to the performances. Many people are considering this toothbrush to be even better than products from Oral-B or Philips Sonicare.

It does a great job in cleaning your teeth but also the price is low which is why is not hard to make you buy it.


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Fairywill Pearl White pros:

  • More than decent price
  • Long lasting battery
  • Recommended by many customers even if is something new

Fairywill Peral White cons:

  • Fairywill is not a big player when it comes to electric toothbrushes but it may be in the future
  • Just 3 cleaning modes but personally I do think they should be enough


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Fairywill Pearl White has an upgraded version named Fairywill Sonic Crystal Black (see review HERE) but even so this electric toothbrush has everything you need to achieve a nice smile and breath fresh. Also the price for which Fairywill Pearl White is available is simply more than you can ask from a toothbrush. Beside all that the battery life is something which you should always consider when you choose an electric toothbrush and Fairywill PearlWhite has one of the best batteries available for a toothbrush at this moment.

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