healthy and unhealthy foods for teeth

Healthy and Unhealthy foods for your teeth

There are always questions about which foods are healthy and unhealthy for your teeth and you need to know more about them if you want to maintain good oral health. Usually, with each food we eat we risk to damage our teeth because some foods contain acids which can damage your tooth enamel.

Healthy foods and drinks for your teeth

The best foods you can eat without harming your teeth and oral health are foods which are rich in phosphorus and calcium and will help you to protect your enamel. Some of these foods include cheese, milk, nuts, tea without sugar, and chicken. There are also some fruits which are rich in water, which dilutes the sugar they contain, and usually they stimulate saliva which, in the end, cleans your teeth. Some of these foods include apples, pears, and most vegetables.

You can also eat citrus, lemons, and tomatoes, but you should always brush your teeth after eating or at least eat them in small portions with other foods, to keep the acids under control.

Below is a description of the action of the best foods on your teeth and how you can have a healthy mouth.

The water will have a washing action over your teeth, the same as saliva does. At the same time, the water also contains fluoride which is also found in toothpaste and will protect your teeth against erosion.

Drinking water will also help your saliva secretion which is known as the best defense against tooth plaque.

Eating cheese is known to have a huge impact when it comes to reducing the acids in your mouth. This is one way you can fight against your tooth plaque.

Green tea and black tea are the best teas you can drink because they will slow down the bacteria production in your mouth and, at the same time, they will protect your gums and your cavities. Black and green tea are even better than water and you should try to rinse your mouth with them for at least ten times a day (one minute each time) to prevent tooth plaque.

Raisins do not contain table sugar and because of that they are good for your teeth and they also contain phytochemicals which fight against tooth plaque.

Sugarless gum:
There is no sugar involved to damage your teeth and chewing will improve your saliva secretion which will clean your teeth better. Don’t forget that no sugar means less bacteria in your mouth.

Drinking a glass of milk is always good for your teeth, but be careful with the way you do it. Drink some milk after chocolate, a cake, or a sweet dessert and your teeth will be protected, but eating cereals with milk does not have the same action over your teeth because the milk will become sweet and this will damage your teeth.

Crunchy foods and high fiber foods
These foods are good for your teeth because to eat them we need to do a lot of chewing and all this chewing can be a cleaning process for our teeth when we eat carrots, beans, cucumbers, or apples.

Vitamin-rich foods
Foods which are rich in vitamins like calcium and phosphorous will always help your tooth enamel.

Eat cranberries, but do not use any sugar. They are rich in polyphenols which is very rare and they will keep the plaque away from your teeth.

Strawberries, kiwis and some of the citrus fruits
Strawberries, kiwis and citrus fruits are very rich in vitamin C which is very important for your body health. The vitamin C will help your collagen not to break down and prevent gum disease.

Citrus fruits can help you against the coffee and wine stains by preventing discoloration.

Strawberries contain a natural enamel whitener called malic acid. Applying them over your teeth is a good method for getting a brighter smile.

Nuts and Seeds
Nuts and seeds are rich in micronutrients that are healthy for your teeth. They contain calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorous.

When they are eaten raw, onions can improve your oral health by fighting against bacteria and protecting cavities.

Their antimicrobial sulfur compounds can eradicate many types of bacteria and protect you from periodontal diseases.

Wild Salmon
Wild salmon is a very good source of vitamin D, which is very rare in foods. The vitamin D will help your body to absorb the calcium and this fish can help your teeth and your gums.

Shiitake Mushrooms
Shiitake mushrooms contain lentinan, a natural sugar which will prevent gingivitis (gum inflammation).

Unhealthy foods and drinks for your teeth

As you may already know, the unhealthiest things for your teeth are sweets, cakes, cookies, potato chips, bananas, pies, French fries, sodas, or any dried fruit. This is because most of them are very rich in sugar or they can stick to your teeth and can decay your teeth if you do not brush immediately.
Chewy candy
Chewy candies like caramels can affect your teeth because they are stickier. They stick between your teeth and they allow bacteria to transform the sugar in acid which in the end affects the enamel.

Hard candy
Hard candies are also not too good for your teeth because it take time to chew them and this gives the bacteria a lot of time to take action over your teeth. Also, many of these hard candies are flavored with harmful citric acid.

Another bad thing about them is that they can break your teeth.

There are two things affecting our teeth when drinking a soda. The first one is the sugar which will accelerate the action of bacteria over your mouth and the second is the acid, which usually causes the most damage.

You can avoid sugar by drinking sodas like Diet Coke, but your teeth still need to deal with the acid. They contain phosphoric and citric acids.

You can neutralize the soda acid by eating something which will reduce the acid effect over your teeth.

The pickling process is all about acids and this is why they can affect our tooth enamel. Anyway, if you don’t eat pickles too often then eating them just from time to time is not so bad for your teeth.

Energy drinks
Energy drinks also contain a lot of acid, even more acid than sodas, so is better to stay away from them.

All the carbohydrates from crackers will become sugar in your mouth in a short time. This is how bacteria will appear. Anyway, eating them sparingly and brushing your teeth will prove very efficient and will maintain your oral health.

Red wine contains chromogens which are substances that produce tooth-discoloring pigments. Your teeth will have stains and these stains are even worse because the wine makes your mouth dry and teeth sticky.
White wine also contains some erosive acids and will allow the stains from other drinks or foods to affect your teeth.

Coffee stains are known to be more persistent even than tobacco stains. These stains will easily attract food particles and bacteria.

Tea is considered by many not to have a harmful effect over your teeth, but anything besides green tea, white tea and herbal tea will affect your teeth. For example, the black tea leaves stains, exactly like red wine.

Also, herbal tea can affect your tooth enamel. As you can see, green tea is by far the better tea to drink without affecting your teeth.

Find some sugar substitutes

To protect your teeth and avoid giving the bacteria in your mouth a huge boost it is better to use some sugar substitutes. If you eat a food that is sugar-free this does not mean that the sugar is not in other ingredients used to prepare that food.

There is a lot of natural sugar which can come from molasses, honey, fructose, rice, or barely malt. They all contain the same amount of calories and they will affect your teeth. Before buying this kind of food make sure you read their ingredients and see if any of these products were used.

Here are some sugar substitutes that you can use to avoid damaging your teeth: saccharin, erythritol, mannitol, isomalt, aspartame, sucralose.

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