oralb black 7000

Oral-B Black 7000 Electric Toothbrush

The Oral-B Black 7000 with SmartGuide is, at the moment, the most incredible electric toothbrush. It can help you to achieve perfect oral health, the same as when you go to the dentist. The professional cleaning makes this Oral-B toothbrush one of the best electric toothbrushes available at the moment.
Anyway, as with most electric toothbrushes, the Oral-B Black 7000 is made to remove two times more plaque than a manual toothbrush and it will prevent this plaque from becoming tartar and damaging your oral health. Also, your cavities and gum line are very well protected by this toothbrush.

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The Oral-B Precision Black 7000 was designed by dental care experts and is expected to meet all the needs of the mouth. With six well-defined brushing modes (Daily Clean, Deep Clean, Whitening mode, Sensitive, Tongue Cleaning, and Massage mode), this electric toothbrush also has a nice SmartGuide to ensure that you brush your teeth correctly. The power of this toothbrush handle is made to work well with the head and the action is amazing: pulsations, oscillations, and rotations.
The Oral-B Black 7000 can really make a difference for your oral health and you can be sure that your dentist will see the health improvements after a short period of time.

This Oral-B Black 7000 pack includes the following:

  • Rechargeable Toothbrush Handle
  • Charging Station with Brush Head Storage
  • Wireless SmartGuide
  • Handle Travel Case
  • Charger Travel Pouch
  • Four Refill Heads: 3D White, Sensitive, and Floss Action (2)


Oral-B Black 7000 features explained

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Oral-B Black 7000 is compatible with many brush heads to ensure that you get the best oral care. Here are the brush heads you can use: Floss Action, Precision Clean, Sensitive, Power Tip, ProWhite, Dual Clean, Deep Sweep, and Ortho.
You’ll know when to change the Oral-B brush head when you see the bristles fade halfway. Usually, you need to change the brush head every three months.

Oral-B Precision Black 7000 with SmartGuide has six brushing modes that you can use. Each of these modes have their own particular way of cleaning your teeth and your mouth.

Daily Clean: This brushing mode is the usual cleaning. The brush action, speed, oscillations, and rotations all work to ensure a nice deep-cleaning experience. This is the mode that you’ll use for everyday cleaning.

Deep Clean: This mode has 650 pulsations and 146 oscillations per second. It is a great brushing mode if you want a deep cleaning. Also, this mode timer is set to three minutes so you can brush each quadrant of your mouth for forty-five seconds.

Whitening: This has a polishing action for your teeth. The result is great because your teeth will look brighter and whiter.

Sensitive: Used with an extra soft bristle head, the sensitive mode should be used if you have sensitive teeth or a sensitive gum line.

Massage: This is another nice brushing mode because, while cleaning your teeth, it will massage your gums. To be honest, this is a great mode!

Tongue Cleaning: This is made to clean your tongue. The tongue brushing mode lasts for twenty seconds. This is similar to the sensitive mode, but with the timer set at twenty seconds.


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The Oral-B 7000 SmartGuide is your real-time guidance for brushing. This will help you to brush exactly the way dentists recommend. It will let you know when the recommended two minutes for brushing have been completed (three minutes for Deep Clean mode). The SmartGuide can be placed anywhere you want.

The Oral-B Black 7000 will alert you if you are brushing too hard with the Sensor Alert and it will decrease the speed and the pressure in order to protect your teeth, but also your gum line.

What you get?

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To summarize, we can tell you that the Oral-B Precision Black 7000 can provide you with the next features and advantages:

  • Brushing Modes: Daily Clean, Deep Clean, Whitening, Massage, Sensitive, and Tongue Cleaning
  • Nice and sophisticated Pressure Sensor technology available with the SmartGuide (This will automatically decelerate the speed and pulsations if you are brushing too hard.)
  • Wireless SmartGuide for real-time information
  • Timer and sensor to let you know when the brushing process should finish
  • Water tolerance of up to 500 millibars of pressure
  • 2 times more plaque removed than a manual toothbrush
  • Ensure your oral health by using oscillations, rotations and pulsations
  • The toothbrush handle is made from silicon
  • The Oral-B Black 7000 brush heads are made to surround each tooth for a tooth by tooth cleaning
  • German quality from Braun


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You can charge your toothbrush by using the Charging Station or the Charger Travel Pouch.
A fully charged battery can last up to ten days. To make sure you maintain your battery life for longer, you need to use the toothbrush until is fully discharged at least one time every six months.

Customer Reviews

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Shortly after it was released, the Oral-b Black 7000 already had a huge impact on the market. Right now there are more than nine hundred reviews just on Amazon and the number is growing quickly as more and more people buy this powerful electric toothbrush.


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  • Many features are included, along with the SmartTimer, Sensor Alert, and the brushing modes
  • Cleans your teeth using oscillations, pulsations, and rotations, which helps you achieve a tooth by tooth cleaning
  • The Tongue Cleaning mode can be really useful sometimes
  • You really get the dentist cleaning feel every time you use it
  • It’s offered by Braun, which is a huge brand
  • Another positive is that right now there is a good discount for this toothbrush on Amazon

Cons: The price is the only negative for this electric toothbrush. For a cheaper solution, you should try the Oral-B 5000 with almost the same functions, but without the Tongue Cleaning mode, the rotation action, and the automatic decrease of the speed in case you’re brushing too hard.


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Our advice is to buy the Oral-B Precision Black 7000 with SmartGuide only if you can afford it. You can also have a cheaper option, but with fewer features, if you buy the Oral-B 5000.
Also, to ensure the dentist cleaning feel when using Oral-B Black 7000, brush your teeth for the recommended two minutes twice a day.