Oral-B HealthyClean 4000 vs Philips Sonicare Healthy White

Oral-B HealthyClean 4000 vs Philips Sonicare Healthy White

Having white teeth is something which all the people want and it can be achived easily if we use an electric toothbrush. There are also people wonder which electric toothbrush is the best when it comes to whiten teeth. Well, for this article we’ve choosed 2 electric toothbrushes very good if you want white teeth, with almost the same price but a few differences when it comes to their other functionalities.

One of these two electric toothbrushes is Oral-B HealthyClean 4000 + ProWhite brush head (click to see full review) and the second one is Philips Sonicare Healthy White (click to see full review).

Is very important to understand that many other electric toothbrushes are very good if you want to whiten your teeth but these two in particular are considered to give the best results when used correctly.

Let’s start with this comparison to see which one is the best.

The Toothbrush Power

As most of the latest Oral-B electric toothbrushes, the HealthyClean 4000 has 40,000 pulsations and 8,800 oscillations per minute which combined with the brush head rotation gives your teeth a 3D cleaning.

The Phlilips Sonicare Healthy White has 31,000 strokes per minute and is using the Sonic technology which is well-known to the ability to drive the fluids between your teeth for a better cleaning.

Both have very good power but as you can see the Oral-B Healthy Clean 4000 is little better.

Toothbrush brush head

Oral-B HealthyClean 4000 is very good to whiten teeth in combination with the ProWhite brush head but it also works ok with other brush heads like: FlossAction, Precision Clean, Sensitive Clean, Dual Clean, Power Tip and Ortho.

Philips Sonicare Healthy White can also be used with a few brush heads: DiamondClean, InterCare, Sensitive, ProResults.

Both these electric toothbrushes are having a good set of brush heads to choose from so it only depends on your preference here.

Cleaning modes

The cleaning modes are a very important part when we want to decide which electric toothbrush is better.

Oral-B HealthyClean 4000 has 4 cleaning modes: Daily Clean, Deep Clean, Sensitive and Whitening. The Whitening mode is very good to whiten your teeth and the results should be visible in the first 3 weeks.

Philips Sonicare Healthy White has just 3 cleaning modes available: Clean, Sensitive and White. When using the White mode you can whiten your teeth with almost 2 shades in just 2-3 weeks. Keep in mind that this also depends on your current state of your entire oral health.

As you can see both are doing a great job when it comes to whiten teeth but again Oral-B HealthyClean has a small advantage because it has 4 cleaning modes and the whitening process can be more visible by using the ProWhite brush head.

The battery life

In therms ofbattery life Philips Sonicare usually wins the battle. Oral-B HealthyClean battery life is up to 10 days after each full recharge and Philips Sonicare Healthy White battery life is up to 3 weeks.

One more advantage for Philips Healthy White is that it has a multi-charger which means that you can use it outside the Unites States. Oral-B HealthyClean charger works on a 110-130V voltage and you need a converter when you are in a country which uses a higher voltage.


Both, Oral-B HealthyClean and Philips Sonicare Healthy White are having the standard timers. One for which let’s you know when 30 seconds have gone and you can change the brushed area and one which let’s you know that the 2 minutes recommended for brushing have finished.

One more thing to know here is that the Deep Clean (Oral-B) lasts for 3 minutes.

Other Features

Here there are a few big differences. Oral-B HealthyClean 4000 has a Pressure Sensor which stops you from pressing to hard when brushing. Philips Sonicare Healthy White doesn’t have this but it has the Easy-Start feature which is not used by Oral-B. The Easy-Start feature will increase the power of the toothbrush over the first uses until you get used to the power.


As you can see we have 2 good electric toothbrushes, with many functions available which are offering a complete solution for your oral health. We think that the best from these two is Oral-B HealthyClean 4000 and if you want to use to whiten your teeth you should also buy the Pro White brush head.

I’ve made this decision because of the power, number of the cleaning modes but also the number of the brush heads to choose from.

The price is very close for these two electric toothbrushes and you can check for more details on their full review page.

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