oral-b pro-health electric toothbrush for kids

Oral-B Pro-Health for Kids

Kids are always looking to play and this is why they often don’t like to brush their teeth. The Oral-B Pro-Health kids’ power toothbrush was created to make kids brush their teeth for the recommended two minutes.

The Oral-B Pro-Health is a good electric toothbrush for kids. This toothbrush comes with two brush heads which can be used by tweens or you can keep one as a replacement. The timer will alert the kid after two minutes and they will know that the brushing time has finished. This way, proper brushing habits will be created.

This toothbrush can also be used by adults because is compatible with many Oral-B brush heads.

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With this package

The box comes with:

  • Oral-B Pro-Health For Me power toothbrush
  • Two Sensitive Clean refill toothbrush heads
  • Small footprint charging station

The Oral-B Pro-Health kids’ power toothbrush will help your kid to:

  • Remove more plaque from his teeth
  • Create good brushing habits by brushing for the recommended two minutes
  • Clean their teeth better than when using a manual toothbrush

Oral-B Pro-Health Features

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All Oral-B Pro-Health kids’ electric toothbrushes will come with two Sensitive Clean brush heads. This brush head’s shape is small and it’s perfect for any child’s mouth. The cleaning is done tooth-by-tooth to ensure good oral care.

Sensitive Clean brush heads are also very good for those who wear braces (kids, but also for adults).

The Oral-B Pro-Health kids’ power toothbrush is compatible with the following Oral-B brush heads: Sensitive Clean, OrthoPower Tip, FlossAction, Dual Clean, Precision Clean, and ProWhite.

The brush head needs to be changed every two to three months. You’ll know when to change it when the color of the bristles is halfway faded.

Cleaning Modes

The Oral-B Pro-Health kids’ power toothbrush has just one standard cleaning mode available.

Intensity Modes

There are no intensity settings for this toothbrush.


You have a two-minute timer for this electric toothbrush. After two minutes of brushing the timer will alert you.


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You can recharge by using the charging station. Make sure the voltage will work for you. This station works with 110V and you’ll need a converter in case your country uses 230V.

Customer Reviews

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There are only around fifty customer reviews on Amazon for the Oral-B Pro-Health kids’ power toothbrush, but most of them are positive and also there are a lot more buyers who don’t leave reviews on Amazon, but with other retailers.

Pros & Cons

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  • The price is low
  • Two-minute timer which will help your kid to create good brushing habits
  • Well-known brand
  • The Sensitive Clean brush heads are perfect for kids’ teeth


  • No thirty-second timer
  • There is just one brushing mode
  • No intensity modes. This is not a big problem for kids though.


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Our advice when using the Oral-B Pro-Health kids’ power toothbrush is to always change the brush heads in time. They need to be changed at every three months. You’ll need to change them when the color of the bristles is halfway faded.

Also, the battery needs to be fully discharged at least once at every months, although you can do this even more often.

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