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Philips Sonicare FlexCare Plus Review

The Philips Sonicare FlexCare Plus is considered by many dentists and specialists to be a complete solution for your oral health. With the Philips FlexCare Plus, you have five brushing modes available when cleaning your teeth and the sonic technology offers thirty-one thousand strokes per minute, which will make a real difference if your last electric toothbrush had less strokes.

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About Philips Sonicare FlexCare Plus

This electric toothbrush helps you to improve your gums’ health in just two weeks (clinically proven) and also removes more plaque than a manual toothbrush, which will decrease your risk for gingivitis. Also, with the UV brush head sanitizer, 99% of the bacteria from your toothbrush head gets removed in just a few minutes and this way you can be sure the brush head will remove most of the bacteria in the future.
While brushing, you’ll see that Philips FlexCare Plus also has some nice sweeping motions that drive the fluids between your teeth so you can clean your teeth better.
It is also proven that the Philips Sonicare FlexCare Plus easily removes all the stains from your teeth and, if used regularly, it will keep your teeth a natural white color.
In this Philips FlexCare electric toothbrush review, we will discuss each feature in part so you can understand exactly how this toothbrush works.


The Philips Sonicare FlexCare Plus will provide you with:

  • More plaque removed daily
  • A better brush head by using the UV sanitizer (if bought)
  • Five brushing modes
  • A Smart Timer and a Quadpacer to know when to stop brushing
  • Three weeks of brushing with just one battery charge
  • Improved gum health in only two weeks with the Gum Care brushing mode
  • Less gum bleeding
  • The sonic technology will drive the fluids between your teeth and stimulate your gums

Functionality Explained

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With the ProResults brush head, your tooth plaque will be removed and at the same time the gum line will be cleaned better because of the contoured brush head. The Philips FlexCare Plus comes with one brush head: a Standard ProResults.

UV Brush-Head Sanitizer
Some very nice technology comes with some of the Philips Sonicare FlexCare Plus packages and I speak here about the UV sanitizer, which kills up to 99% of the bacteria on your brush head. All you have to do is place your brush into the UV sanitizer each time you finish brushing your teeth. The process takes ten minutes and it will stop automatically.

Cleaning Modes
The Philips FlexCare Plus has five brushing modes available so you can use the one that you like or the one that fits your oral care needs.
Clean mode: This is the standard two-minute cleaning mode for your entire mouth, which is recommended by all dentists.
Gum Care mode: This mode will allow you two minutes of brushing normally and an additional minute for brushing your gum line or other areas where you have problems. It is proven to reduce gum inflammation, bleeding, and recession.
Sensitive mode: This mode is for those who have sensitive teeth.
Massage mode: This mode also moves over your gums by using the patented sonic technology to drive fluids between your teeth to ensure a better cleaning against plaque and to stimulate your gums.
Refresh mode: This is for a quick one-minute cleaning between your two regular brushings.
You’ll know which mode is active by looking at the illuminated display. The display works only when the toothbrush is turned on.

Toothbrush Timers
The Smart Timer will alert you when the standard two minutes of brushing have gone and the Quadpacer will beep every thirty seconds to ensure that you brush all four quadrants of your mouth. This way, your tooth brushing will be more effective and you’ll see the results more quickly.

Easy Start
This will increase the power of the Philips FlexCare Plus over the first twelve uses. It is a nice feature in case you are not used to using an electric toothbrush and you want to protect your teeth and your gums.


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In terms of charging, the battery of the Philips Sonicare FlexCare Plus needs twenty-four hours for a complete recharge. After that, the battery lasts up to three weeks if you’re brushing two times a day for two minutes each time.
An indicator is available to show you how much battery remains and blinks when you need to recharge.

Customer Reviews

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The Philips FlexCare Plus is one of the best available electric toothbrushes on the market and you can see that only by looking at the sales stats. On Amazon, this toothbrush has more than two thousand reviews from different buyers and a lot more people have already bought this product to improve their oral health.


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  • The Easy Start helps a lot if you are not used to the power of an electric toothbrush
  • More brushing time than with the previous standard FlexCare
  • The Gum Care mode really does work well and also all the other modes work well to ensure your oral health


  • Not too many differences between this Philips FlexCare Plus and the standard Philips FlexCare, but still the change is quite visible
  • Price is a little too high for some people


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In case you haven’t used an electric toothbrush or a powerful electric toothbrush like this one until now, then is good to begin with the Easy Start mode, which will increase the power over the first twelve uses.
Also keep up your good oral health by changing the brush head every three months.

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