reasons to use an electric toothbrush

Reasons to use an electric toothbrush

We all know that a good oral health should be our main purpose everyday. Having a fresh breath, a bright smile, healthy teeth and gums can make us to feel good all the day and definitely will give us more confidence in ourselves.
This is why brushing our teeth at least 2 times a day and each time make sure that you brush for the recommended time of 2 minutes. Doing this everyday will improve your mouth health in case you had problems and will remove the daily plague.
You can achieve good results with manual toothbrushes but using an electric toothbrush will make you love brushing your teeth. Probably you’re asking yourself “Why electric toothbrushes will do even more than manual toothbrushes?” or “Why so many people are now buying electric toohrushes?”. The answers are below and I’ll give you just the top 5 reasons why people are buying electric toothbrushes and why I think that they will do a better job for your oral health.

1. More power

This is the main reasons and more power means better cleaning for your entire mouth. Electric toothbrushes can have up to 48,800 movements per minute which is a lot more than a manual toothbrush from which you can get around 600 movements per minute if you have a good brushing speed.
Those 48,800 movements per minute for an electric toothbrush are offered by the latest toothbrushes from Braun Oral-B. They have 40,000 pulsations and 8,800 rotations per minute which combined with the brush head rotations will get you a nice 3D cleaning.
Another good option is offered by the latest Philips Sonicare toothbrushes which can give you up to 31,000 strokes per minute and it is well known that the Sonic technology power helps you when brushing by driving the fluids between your teeth for a better cleaning.

2. More cleaning modes

When you are using a manual toothbrush you just move the brush in your mouth until you get a good feeling. Using an electric toothbrush can give you a few more options when brushing because some electric toothbrushes have more Cleaning Modes.
These cleaning modes can help you if you want just to improve your gums health, you have sensitive teeth and you want to avoid damaging them, you want whiter teeth or simply you want a complete deep cleaning for your teeth. Of course you can also achive all of that with a manual toothbrush but you need to be careful when you try and most of the times you’ll not get the right results.

3. Many brush heads to choose from

The modern technology makes all kind of things possible in our days and this is also true for electric toothbrushes. Even if at the beginning they didn’t offered too many choices in terms of brush heads, now we have a lot of options available.
You are wearing braces or you have any orthodontic works? If yes, then you can find a suitable brush head for that which can be used with the electric toothbrush you are buying.
Do you have sensitive teeth or you are searching for a brush head which will give you whiter teeth? If yes, then nothing is more simple than buying a brush head with soft bristles which is designed for sensitive teeth or buy another one which will polish your teeth better to obtain whiter teeth.

4. Brush your teeth exactly as your dentist recommends

This is very easy to achieve when using an electric toothbrush. Why? Because you have 30 seconds timers which will alert you to change the brushed area and a 2 minutes timer to announce you that the brushing process can be finished.
In case this is not enough then there are 2 other things which will help you when brushing. One of them is the Pressure Alert which is used by some electric toothbrushes. This alert will let you know in case you are brushing too hard in order to avoid damaging your teeth, your gums or even the brush head. Some Pressure Alerts will decrease the power of the toothbrush and also alert you.
Another helpful thing in case you are trying to brush as you dentist recommends is the Bluetooth connectivity used by Oral-b electric toothbrushes. This feature will show you all kind of things like cleaning mode used, timers and you can track your entire brushing process. This is not really necessary but if you want to make sure you have everything under control then is a good thing to have.

5. No more everyday recharging

Some people are not buying electric toothbrushes because they think they need to recharge their toothbrush every day. This is NOT TRUE! You don’t need to recharge the battery everyday, in fact you don’t need to recharge every week. Some electric toothbrush battery lasts for up to 3 weeks after each full recharge.
Of course there are some of them with just one week battery life after each recharge but even so I still think is enough. You don’t need to put your electric toothbrush to recharge every night and you can even take it with you for a weekend or more in the woods (be careful with that) without any recharger available.
So the battery is also not a problem anymore and you can use your electric toothbrush as much as you want until you get notified that the battery is low. Yes, some electric toothbrushes do that and is another great thing about them.

As you can see these 5 reasons are exactly why in our days many people are buying electric toothbrushes. In fact if I think better the main reason why you should buy an electric toothbrush is that is easier to use than a manual toothbrush. Beside these 5 reasons explained here there are even more benefits you can get from the use of any electric toothbrush. The most important of them is the Bluetooth connectivity so you can track your brushing process.
I hope I gave you exactly the answers you wanted and I’m sure that even if you are not buying an electric toothbrush now, in the future you’ll do that because the results are simply better.

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