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Things to consider when choosing an electric toothbrush

In this article I’ll try to explain you exactly what is an electric toothbrush and how each feature works. What you should know is that not all the electric toothbrushes have the features we’ll discuss about here. Some of them have just one feature, others have 3 features or all the features.

An electric toothbrush is one of the best things you could buy for your oral health. Dentists from all around the world are recommending electric toothbrushes for their patients. This is because an electric toothbrush removes at least 2 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush and your general oral health will be improved in a short time.

You should also know more about each feature and functionality offered by some electric toothbrushes and below are the most important of them.

Electric toothbrush power

this is how the difference is made

Do you know how many movements can you achive with a manual toothbrush? Normally you can get up to 600 movement per minute which can be considered enough in first place.
Now, do you know how many movement can you get from an electric toothbrush? The truth is that they can vary based on each model but the best of them offers you 40,000 pulsations per minute which is huge. This kind of power is offered by most of the latest Oral-B toothbrushes and Philips with the sonic technology offers 31,000 strokes per minute which is still a lot.

When you search for an electric toothbrush probably you’ll see the power setting listed for each product and the best thing not to choose only based on this because there are many other feature which can influence your oral health in a good way.

Toothbrush Head

they do the hard work

A brush head or even more will come with each electric toothbrush. These brush heads can be different because there are more than just one standard brush head.
What I recommend is to buy only brush heads from the same manufacturer from which did you buy the electric toothbrush. For example if you buy an electric toothbrush from Philips then when you change the brush head you need to buy again from Philips but the brush head function can be different.

Just to give you an example. If you buy an electric toothbrush from Philips and it comes with the InterCare brush head then you should know that this brush head has extra long bristles for better cleaning between your teeth. Then when you need to change the brush head you can choose a different one if you didn’t like this one or you want to try something else. All you have to do is to visit the manufacturer site to see what each brush head does.
In future I’ll try to write something about each brush head available for the top brands electric toothbrushes but right now I also don’t have all the knowledge about them.

One last thing you need to know is that you need to change the brush head at each 3 months or when the bristles color is fading more than a half.

Cleaning Modes

the way each toothbrush works

This feature can be missing from some electric toothbrushes but this doesn’t mean that they don’t do a good job. Having just a standard cleaning mode means that the toothbrush does a general cleaning when brushing.

Electric toothbrushes with more than just one cleaning mode will offer special treatment for certain parts of your mouth or based on the teeth sensitiveness.
For Oral-B you can have a miximum of 6 cleaning mode which you’ll find on any Oral-B Black 7000 but you can also have just 3,4 or 5 cleaning modes. Here are their names: Daily Clean, Deep Clean, Whitening mode, Sensitive, Tongue Cleaning and Massage mode.
On the other hand, with Philips Sonicare you can have only a miximum of 5 cleaning modes which you’ll get from more than just one toothbrush model. The modes are: Clean, White, Polish, Gum Care and Sensitive.

Each of these modes a having some kind of special power if I can say like this. I think you can undesrtand what each cleaning mode does anly by reading their names. For example the Sensitive mode is for sensitive teeth, the White mode is for whitening, the Daily Clean is the the normal brushing mode and so on.

Intensity modes

not so often encountered

Intensity modes are not offered by too many electric toothbrushes. One electric toothbrush which offers intensity modes is Philips Sonicare Flexcare Platinum which by the way is one of the best toothbrushes.

They can be Low, Medium and High from what I saw in my readings. The intensity modes can have a huge impact on your oral health if you are not used with the power of an electric toothbrush. Using the High speed can damage your teeth or your gums at the beginning so use it carefully if you are new to this kind of brushing.
The purpose of Intensity modes is to give the client an option to control all that power but the most advanced electric toothbrushes have solved the problem by using other features as we’ll see later in this article.

Pressure Sensor

always brush your teeth carefully

In case you are using an electric toothbrush and you press too hard when brushing your teeth then you should know that is wrong. You can damage your gums and even your teeth so you need to be careful. You can also damage the brush head bristles which will lead to a shorter life for the brush head and you’ll need to change it often than usual.

To prevent this, some electric toothbrushes are having a Pressure Sensor. What this sensor does?
Well, the pressure sensor will reduce the toothbrush power or they will give you beep to make you pay attention. This is a greatb way to prevent damaging your mouth health and is preferably to buy an electric toothbrush with a Pressure Sensor if you know that usually when brushing you press too much pressure on your teeth .

Easy Start Feature

take it slow

In case you are new in using an electric toothbrush then the EasyStart feature will help you to get used with the power. How it does that?
The EasyStart feature simply increases the toothbrush power over the first 12 uses so you have enough time to get used with the new toothbrush.
This a very helpful feature for people with sensitive teeth or sensitive gums.

SmartGuide or the new Bluetooth Connectivity

Oral-B innovation

The SmartGuide was a gadget offered with some Oral-B electric toothbrushes and was helping you to brush better. The latest SmartGuide used on the Oral-B Black 7000 was displaying things like timers, modes, pressure sensor and could also be used as a digital clock when not brushing.
Now this was replaced with the Bluetooth Connectivity which connects your phone (via an app) with your phone and you have access to all those features which the SmartGuide had but also you can see your brushing statistics with a lot of data which can help you to improve your brushing results.


improve your oral health

These are the best features that you get with these toothbrushes. To make the best decision you also need to review each product price and if your budget is enough then just buy the electric toothbrush which you think is the best for you. You can also ask your dentist about his recommendation.

I hope you enjoyed this article and in case you need a new electric toothbrush don’t forget to change the brush head at each 3 months and brush your teeth regularly (at least 2 times each day for 2 minutes each time).

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